Today is the beginning of a new adventure in photography

Today, September 3, 2017, will mark the beginning of a new adventure in both photography and my personal life.  During the past month, my wife and I have made a number of changes in our mindset and our goals.  While we are not totally adopting a minimalist lifestyle we have decided become our own style of minimalism. This will also include my photography.  In the past, I attempted to forge too many irons at once which resulted in never getting anything really accomplished.

Beginning today, I am going to start back with photography for me.  I will continue to teach and mentor those I choose, I will continue to write this blog, and I will concentrate more on fine art photography and concepts.  While I may still write my thoughts about the business of photography my main goal will be to showcase fine art photography, teach those concepts, and techniques.

I won’t compare myself to other photographers but I will offer my thoughts and critiques of the work of others as I am sure others will be more than willing to critique my work.  The difference?  While I will read what others think about my work and may employ their thoughts in my future work I will not let what others think of my photography or my opinion distract me from my art.  No, I am not going to be one of those that says, “it is my art I can do what I want” but I will be one that will seek enlightenment of art, art theory, art concepts, the rules of art composition and be willing to break those with intent.

I write this to welcome you to join me on this journey.  Let’s make some art!!!

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