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This is a commentary I have wanted to write for some time now.  I have included some quotes from questions or posts I have seen in “professional” photography forums on social media.  The first bullet point is the question.  The comment below the post is what I really want to tell them as an answer as do many experienced, skill amateur and professional photographers.  My photography friends and I talk about these question in photography. It isn’t that we are being jerks about it but we see these so many times in groups where these people are “starting their business” or photographing important life events, so when you see a comment that is less harsh than this, it was probably scaled back from what they REALLY wanted to say.


I know that some if not many, of those who read this, will think I’m just a jerk or an a$$, but I really do want to help others learn.  Yes, we all start somewhere but please learn before taking on important photography jobs.  Read about photography, the public library is full of books if you can’t afford to buy them.  Learn basics of photography which hasn’t changed in the last 100+ years.


(NOTE: Typos in the original questions were not corrected and are as they appeared).



  1. Why would there be a green tint or glare on glasses? I did a wedding recently, and so many outdoor pics have that. Also anyone have a way to get rid of it? Any comments appreciated!!


    1. Are you kidding me?!  Even if you don’t know about eyeglasses, have you even looked at your camera lens with any light shining on it.  It is called a lens coating.   If you see this in the eyeglasses of your subject you AREN’T lighting them properly.  I would suggest reading and studying lighting and glare reduction.




  1. So… I’ve never photographed a wedding in the rain.  I’d LOVE some inspiration for shots of an outdoor wedding in the rain.


I have several ideas involving an umbrella. I had a TON of ideas when I visited the location (venue is a gorgeous mountain park here in Colorado, but no structures involved in the actual ceremony, and reception is at a barn I’ve shot at before) but now I’m not sure how rain is going to effect them. I’m kind of nervous!


This is only wedding #9 for us.


  1. Hey, there is this neat thing you can use called an “I N T E R N E T S E A R C H” it has been around a few years now so you may be familiar.  If not you can go to a website called “GOOGLE.COM” and type in “photographs of an outdoor wedding in the rain”.  That being said, if you need us or even Google to help you with “inspiration” stop!  Don’t do any more weddings or life events for people until you know about posing, lighting, dealing with inclement weather and photography.  These events are too important to leave to chance.  You will ruin a, hopefully, once in a lifetime event for these people.



  1. So my computer took a crap and i lost all my photo editing software…plus I’m pregnant and my brain isn’t functioning so i don’t know what I had.

It took 10 minutes to remember this group name.lame. Anyway right now I just need to edit out a time date stamp….anything free that will do that? I don’t really want to get one that costs because at some point my brain will function again and I’ll remember what i had and be able to download them again..


  1. First of all I am not really sure just what to say here except, if your “brain” isn’t functioning because you are pregnant stop, call 911 immediately and go to the hospital. You may be experiencing a medical emergency!


  1. I’m really annoyed with my camera.


My sons photo shoot came out not focused. Like they look focused until you zoom in… 😑 “soft focus” ?


Not motion blur

Not because of high ISO

Not because of low SS

The lens is clean

No scratches, smudges, smears, etc..

I use back button focus

Focused on subject – where I wanted it to focus


But it’s not calibrated so maybe that’s the issue


Canon t5i with a 50mm 1.8 and UV lens on top


What am I doing wrong? Could it be how old my camera is?! My lens is only months old…


  1. I tried explaining to the police officer when I got stopped for speeding that I was annoyed with my car, because it “knew” the speed limit as it showed on the built-in GPS but it went too fast anyway. He wrote me a ticket anyway.  Clearly it MUST be the fault of the camera and not the photographer.   I suspect that you are shooting at f/1.8 because you want that “beautiful bokeh” because that is why you bought this entry level lens was you heard SO MUCH about what a GREAT portrait lens it is and how it has the most AWESOME bokeh.  Just because a lens can open up to f/1.8 doesn’t mean you have to shoot it there.  Learn about depth of field and distance to the subject background BEFORE you go chasing advanced concepts such as “bokeh” which, by the way, is more than just an “out of focus” background.  Next, TAKE THE UV “lens” off the “top”.




  1. I have a photoshoot today HELP!!!

So it was suppose to be pretty sunny and it’s overcast with clouds how do I get good pictures with such a dull color pallet setting

How do you change your format to RAW in the camera for NIKON D3100 ? Also how do you change the shutter and appature in manual mode ? i havent figured out how to customize in mannual mode yet

This is my 3rd photoshoot ever

Update finished the shoot got a hand full of good ones but going to try again Tuesday going to look at what I got after work and edit some 🙂 will post in comments soon some of what I got


  1. GAH!!! Are you kidding?  Clouds equal nature’s giant softbox, sunny cloudless sky equals onboard flash pointed straight at a subject.  “Dull color pallet”?, seriously?  Some of the most vibrant colors happen during a light steady rainfall or just shortly afterward.  Before you will get “good pictures”  it is important to understand lighting, exposure, composition, and basic camera operations.  Clearly, by your question, you don’t understand any of those concepts.



  1. For those of you who use Nikon. What settings do you use for the af area mode? I’ve been shooting in auto-area af and I feel like I miss focus on a lot of shots.


    1. We don’t because you will miss focus, A LOT.


  1. Can i see your work using the kelsey freeman presets !? And what one is your favorite?  Looking at buying and wondering which ones to go for 😋


    1. I bet if you go to the website where you can buy/download them they have examples.  I don’t use presets, it is a waste of time unless I have created them.  Also, another person’s “favorite” may not be your favorite.


  1. Can anyone post some Images taken with a Nikon d810? Thanks 😊


    1. has a lot of them.  Keep in mind, your results may vary based upon your knowledge and skill level.


  1. anyone want to throw inspiration for family photos at me

theyll be at a local lake/beach and i honestly dont do a ton of families because i struggle with posing ideas


  1. This is called portrait photography. If you don’t have “inspiration” and/or know about poses, stop and learn about these concepts BEFORE taking on a “job”.  Posing, lighting, and portrait photography isn’t something you can “just learn” by seeing “examples” of someone else’s work.



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  1. Some good ones in there, Clay. And yes, we often hear similar at our monthly photo club meeting. That’s one of the reasons we have experienced mentors at our photo shoots. Our cycle goes like this: local pro, or occasionally a nationally known pro will give a 90 minute presentation at our monthly meeting. Then in the next 4-6 weeks the club will sponsor one or more photo shoots with experienced mentors available at the photo shoot to teach, hand-hold, and monitor participants as they practice what was taught at the club meeting. Last week was our mentored photoshoot for event and band photography. Lots of opportunity to learn in a safe, no threat, low stress environment.

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