Step 2 to becoming a photographer – Stop buying gear

I know this one sounds odd because photography requires gear.  Here is the list of gear you need.

  1. Camera with a lens.
  2. Film or memory card for digital photography.
  3. Yourself.

Learn to use the equipment you have and start with these three basic things.  Why, because you don’t know what you need to invest in until you have an idea of what you need and what your current equipment cannot provide for you.

My advice is to ask yourself what a new piece of equipment will provide you that your current equipment cannot provide.  If your answer is something like, “sharper images because my photos look out of focus” there is probably another cause to the blurry or out of focus images that a new piece of equipment is not going to solve.

Far too often I have seen new photographers buy gear without knowing what they needed and ended up replacing previously purchased gear or having gear sit on a shelf never getting used.  To me, this is a waste of money that could be better spent on needed training or saved to buy what the photographer really needs.  Trust me on this one, I have done it myself.



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