So you have an opinion about photography


Something I see frequently on the internet is supposed experts on gear and other tools for photographers.  It would appear that they all have opinions on what gear and tools others should use, don’t need, or are “useless” but they have never used said tool or they have never become proficient in the use of a piece of gear or tool.  My question has been and will remain to those who love to chime in with their opinions on these things, “How can you have an opinion on a piece of equipment or a tool that you either know nothing or very little about?”

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and expressing your opinion, however, when you say a piece of equipment or a tool isn’t necessary but don’t understand the purpose of the tool, nor became proficient with it, you are probably not qualified to offer your opinion as advice for others who ask about it or use the said equipment or tool.  If you have used the equipment or tool and found it to be marginally or unnecessary then be able to elaborate on why.

I believe we have far too many uneducated opinions in the world based on myths, falsehoods, misinformation, and bunk.  Let’s not add to it.


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