In the beginning

In the beginning, as a newbie to photography, I took photographs of everything, every day.  I think that on many occasions I took photographs just to hear the sound of the shutter.  I would have my camera sitting next to me while watching television and sometimes I would take photographs of the television.  Ah, come on, admit it you’ve done that also.

Then at some point, I slowed down and didn’t take photographs every day.  I decided I needed to focus (pun intended) my efforts on specifics.  While this is true, there is no reason to not also have fun and just play around with snapping photographs.

I have finally decided that the new true step to learning and growing as a photographer is to not only focus and hone your skills with structured practice but also with experimentation and just plain ole taking photographs, every day.  These don’t have to be award winners or publish quality.  They just have to be fun and keep your mind working.  Even as a professional who shoots most every day, sometimes you just need to shoot photographs of randomness.


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