Changes coming to F8 Photo Tutor

From the beginning, has been dedicated to making you a better photographer. came long after the blog and dot-com explosion.  As a result, there is a multitude of photography tutorial sites, videos, and education.  Here at, we are not deterred from making your experience here unique.  We will begin implementing some changes as we get back to providing content.

Here are some changes in the plans:

  • Video tutorials
  • User contests
  • How I did it discussions with examples
  • In-depth critiques of subscriber photographs
  • Monthly newsletter for subscribers
  • Subscriber-only content

To make this site successful, we will be asking for your help by subscribing to the site.  Feel free to comment on any of the content.  We have also added a Terms of Use, Comment Policy, and a Privacy Statements. We do respect your thoughts and opinions even if they are different from our own as long as the discussion follows our TOS and Comment policy.

Thank you for your patience and commitment to the site and we hope to fulfill the vision you have for our blog.

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