Building your photography

If you go back and look through several recent articles you may think this site and I am just about criticizing new photographers.  That is not the case.  Just like basic training in the military, I believe that we need to start with the basics.  Often that means even tearing down the old so we can re-build.   Many of these articles are also geared towards me, in fact, most are directed at me to serve as reminders to myself.

The articles beginning after this one will work on building a solid foundation for photography.  That being said, this site is NOT a substitute for real face to face, student-teacher interaction education.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with the commercial in the video below.

YouTube and many photography websites, books, and blogs are wonderful resource material to supplement your knowledge but they are not a substitute for real in-person classes where you have direct interaction with instructors, including feedback from them on your work.


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