Sunday Reflections - July 10, 2016

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Hawkeye in B&WHawkeye in B&WBrownie Hawkeye in black and white. Scene lit with SB800 1/2 power with red gel and Rogue Grid on backdrop. Camera lit with SB699 with snoot 1/8th power. Circular polarizer used to reduce glare and reflections

This week I have so many things I want to write about, most are not photography related but are photography related.  Life, regional, national, and world events can be distractions.  They can cloud your creativity and cause you to lose direction.  They can also become the inspiration to express our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and frustrations through our art.  We can use these to spread the word on how we can create a better place with less drama, pain, and suffering.  I first became interested in photography to document life milestones and memories. That interest then progressed into wanting to show the beauty and wonder in the world so often filled with ugliness and hate. I have also come to realize that we, as photographers, need to document these events so they are not forgotten and to tell the story of suffering and injustices.  

Some of other topics has to do with learning and advancing as a photographer and a person.  For years, I wandered about aimlessly.  Slowly, if at all, advancing my photography.  In the past 5 years, I have come to understand why.  I wasn't focused on goals.  I didn't practice with intent. I didn't have anyone to challenge me, to push me, drag me, or question my path.  This is what we gain with mentors and teachers.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I met such a person for me.  To date, my mentor (who is many years my junior) doesn't realize that he has served as that mentor to me.  He has challenged me by showing me the way.  I haven't completely achieved my goals but I now have direction by watching, listening, and learning from him.  Find a mentor, work with the mentor.  Practice with intent, establish goals.  Evaluate your progress.  Work hard and push yourself beyond your limits.  You will find those limits were not really there, they only existed inside you mind.  




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