Sunday Reflection - 6-5-2016

June 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sundays have always been a day of reflection for me.  It is a day when I look back at the past week and plan, a bit, for the week ahead. As such, this is the first article in a series I will be doing, called "Sunday Reflections".  

For me, this past week has been busy.  In the middle of working to get my photography business more profitable and to fine tune some lighting skills I started to look to move.  A couple of years ago, we sold a house to move into an apartment to "downsize".  It has been an adjustment as I now only have a shared space for working, no area dedicated as a studio.  It has also been a blessing. Maintenance is up to someone else giving me more time to work on photography and the things I enjoy.  It has also given us an opportunity to use our travel trailer for some long trips.  The move would again give me a space dedicated to my photography.  

Why am I writing all of this?  This is just an example, from personal experience, that you just have to take a chance.  Success doesn't come to find you, you must go and find success.  Before you can find success, you need to define it.  Not the dictionary definition.  Your definition of success.  What are your goals?  You can have many definitions of success.  Success in relationships, success in life, success in photography, and success in business to just name a few.  

In social media forums, I am occasionally reminded of some things to consider regarding my photography business.  This week it has been set goals and set hours.  I joined a business challenge in a professional association, Professional Photographers of America .  The first assignment talked about setting goals and defining success.  I'm now working on that assignment.  Next, I was reminded, by my own comment, to set hours.  I often get caught up in working beyond my own hours.  It is easy to do when your office is at home.  What makes this even more challenging, for me, is that photography is also my hobby.  So the hours often overlap.  

The photograph I chose to include was one I took recently.  This reminded me that we have to stand out from the crowd to be noticed.  At times, this may make us feel like we are vulnerable and alone. We often forget those who are behind us, encouraging us to continue to stand out and be ourselves.  

Look for excellence in your photography, strive to stand out amongst the crowd, and don't forget there are many behind you supporting you and helping you move forward.  Have a great next week.  




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