Prints or Digital files - The great debate

June 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There are many things that are often debated in photography.  Do you use a UV filter or not?  Do you shoot your photographs in JPEG or RAW?  Do you post-process your photographs of not?  Do you print your photographs or do you just use digital files?

I have been a proponent of providing your customers, even if just yourself, what they want.  Often these are just digital files.  

Recently, my mindset has changed, somewhat.  On June 10, 2016, we lost a member of our family of 13 years.  Our dog Maggie.  We then wanted to find photographs of her as a puppy.  I knew we had some.  We looked in our box of photographs, but we were not able to find any.  I then found a CD that I knew had some photographs of her as a puppy.  Sure enough, there were some digital photographs.  I then went to copy them from the CD. The disk could not be read any longer.  I tried a different computer, maybe it was just that computer.  After trying two more computers I was still unable to save the files.  Fortunately, I have some recovery software.  It took about 4 hours to save about half-dozen photographs.  One of those is saved is above.  This near disaster occurred at a time of mourning and was almost unbearable.  

Digital files are easy, storage is cheap.  Digital files can become unreadable, disk storage can fail.  So I have changed my thoughts to say, encourage prints.  Not everything has to be printed but print photographs of memories, children, family events, relatives, pets, etc.  They may become some of the most cherished photographs of all.



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