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Have you ever had that stretch of creative block or feeling uninspired?  If you have been involved in photography for very long you probably answered yes.  Often vacations or trips help but what if you can't go right now?  What happens then?  Do you just wait for it to pass?  I would like to offer a suggestion, which has helped me during those times.  Try a personal project.  Photos that are just for you even though you may share them or post them online at your website.

I know what you're probably thinking right now, "I have a creative block and uninspired, so how will I come up with a personal project?"  One suggestion I have is to just photograph everyday objects you see about the house.  Look for interesting light, how some every day object is placed.  While the photograph above was actually carefully staged and the objects specifically placed I got the idea by seeing some of my things laying on top of my dresser.  

Another benefit from a personal project is the photographs as just meant to satisfy you.  You don't have to follow the rules, you don't have to get 1,000 likes or a high score on  The only person who has to be satisfied is you.  

With personal projects you can try new styles, processing, techniques, and subjects.  Personal projects can be ongoing or short term.  This is the great thing about personal projects, they are personal.  Personal projects are meant for you even though others may enjoy them but it doesn't matter.  You can keep them private or share them.  Again, it is up to you because this is YOUR project.  There is no timeline to meet.  There is no client to please.  

Even if you're not stuck in a rut, or suffering a creative block have a personal project you can just work on for yourself.  



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