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January 09, 2016  •  1 Comment

Snowy tree line

Recently I made a decision, many would consider this a chancy decision and most would caution against it.  The decision?  My wife was going to take an early retirement and I was going to quit my job which served to supplement my pension to follow my passion for photography as my new career choice.  Now I know what some will say.  You have income so it isn't like you're going to go hungry, and you're right.  It does affect our potentially affect our income. 

Since we are just starting with the plan it is too early to give you the definitive results, however, I am not letting failure or the fear of failure set up my attitude.  You see if I did that then photography would not be my passion.  Passion for something is that you give it your all, above all else and you can have more than one passion in my opinion. 

How do I know that photography is my passion and to follow it as a job?  You see the photo above?  I had a request for a photo of a tree line for use as a large print for wall art.  Since the line of trees had to be just right this was a somewhat long term project.  Every where I went I kept an eye out for a tree line to use.  I took many photographs of the tree lines I found but none were just quite what I wanted.  I saw this one but typically it was only so-so.  Then came a heavy snow storm which dropped about a foot of snow.  I thought, "AHA, I know the place".  I drove out to this tree line in the snow before the roads were cleared and people ventured out more than they had to.  I'm sure that if there was anyone around to see exactly what I was doing they would have thought I was some kind of a nut case, but I got my photo which the client and others have loved. 

Ask yourself this question, "If money were no object what would you do?"  Now ask yourself, "If that is what I really want to do why don't I do it?" then think of all the excuses you have for not following your dream, your passion.  These are excuses, not reasons.  If your dream and passion would be what you want then give yourself what you want.  It may be a chance, but isn't it worth it?  Those who came before you who did these things as a career took a chance and they were no better, smarter, or innovative than you.  They found a passion and worked to make their dream come true.



Thanks for sharing. Brings to mind all of those timeworn sayings - "journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step" and "nothing to fear but fear itself" and "boldly go where no one has gone" and "live your dream" and so on. Three cheers, take a deep breath, and have fun. You may get discouraged or become doubtful at some point, but pick yourself back up and make lemonade, if you will allow a very mixed metaphor. :)
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